Strengthen Your Membership with Interactive Performance Data and Power Training

Performance IQ (PIQ) enables fitness studios to offer performance displays in any group fitness environment, building engagement, enhancing the studio experience and setting fitness businesses up for success.


It's All About Performance

Seeing is believing. ClubReady PerformanceIQ (PIQ) delivers a visual guide to push members to their goals. The PIQ system pairs with an unlimited number of data devices, is compatible with all brands of ANT+ based heart rate straps, spin bikes, and rowers, and can be branded for your club. Reservation systems and customized performance dashboards build member engagement as they plan their next visit and check their performance.



Cycling Performance

Set your business apart from the rest and bring PIQ to your cycling studio to track spinning specific data, including distance, speed, power, and energy.  A real time ranking system among your members sparks competitiveness and motivation to push them more to improve their position in the class. Instructors also have TEAM mode options and can create teams within the class, left vs. right, or males vs. females.

Rowing Performance

Have a rowing studio? No problem. PIQ includes a rowing mode and can bring your rowing studio to a new level of tracking rowing specific data (pace, rate, and meters) for your rowers. Like cycling, rowers can also wear heat rate monitors and have this data tracked simultaneously with the rowing data. Instructors can switch to a heart rate mode during class to display the heart rate metrics. 

Personal Threshold Power

Personal Threshold Power (PTP) is a unique feature that gathers a specific data point (PTP) from your riders or rowers and uses their PTP score to provide another motivator during class. Instructors have a PTP mode to calculate their PTP score and then can use it to display a gauge of their real time PTP numbers in order to challenge them at a higher level.

Post Workout Stats Summary Email

At the end of each class, members receive an email outlining their stats for the class.  Whether it is cycling, rowing, or heart rate data, emails will contain the specific metrics for the member to view.  Emails can also be customized with HTML and uploaded as a new email template.

Management Site

Manage your members with a branded PIQ web-based management site where you can create room layouts, spot book, and create challenges.  You can also search and view any stats from previous classes and run reporting based on specific metrics for your members.

Member Web Portal

Members can access their PIQ account and book classes, buy sales packages, view workout stats and challenges, and update profile information.


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