ClubReady Connect 

ClubReady Connect empowers you to engage with your customers conveniently and effectively through SMS and MMS, your members’ preferred methods of communication. It’s ideal for all boutique studio types.

Expand your reach with SMS texting

Expand Your Reach

Contact more of your customers and prospects efficiently. Broaden your scope and connect with the audience you didn’t know was listening. Let your customers know you care with individualized text messages.

Increase engagement with SMS texting.

Increase Engagement

Boost your customer engagement by reaching them quickly and conveniently where they already spend a lot of their time. Group your customers into segments and send personal messages to your targeted audiences with campaigns.

Communicate Effectively and Efficiently with MMS

Comunicate Effectively and Efficiently

Your customers want your undivided attention. ClubReady Connect MMS closes the gap between marketing and converting. Return the same level of interest with personalized communication. Utilize master templates, or previous templates, for quick message generation.

improve response rates with MMS

Improve Response Rates

Deliver communications quickly – texts have a 99% open rate and 95% are opened within 3 minutes. The average response time for a text is 90 seconds (CTIA), where emails average around 90 minutes. SMS/MMS messages deliver powerful and captivating messages with pictures, emojis, screenshots, GIFs, files, and videos.

Automate Messaging and Integrate with ClubReady CORE

Automatically import and update member and prospect information from ClubReady’s CORE CRM. Schedule and automate reminder and follow-up messages. Set up appointment reminders ahead of time to reduce last-minute cancellations and improve attendance. 


Still too Much to Do and Not Enough Time?

Everyone is doing more with less and sometimes there's just not enough hours. That's where ClubReady Managed Sales Services come in.  See how a team of sales professionals could grow your business. 



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