You know as well as anyone that tracking results is the key to success in business just like it is in health and fitness. The problem is that getting all the business information you need can be a chore, and then you still need to put it in a usable format.

ClubReady gives you the metrics you need to gauge profitability, determine staff execution and accountability, and track member and lead trends … everything you need to chart your way to success in a single consolidated and consistent solution.


The Million Dollar View

Getting off of the floor and seeing your operations from higher perspective provides an objective view to make smart decisions. ClubReady features reporting at any level you choose, from single and multi-club to company-wide for growing franchises and chains. Reports are easily designed and built via corporate and club-level dashboards. And with automated “push reports” emailed daily, including production emails, new deal alerts and more, everyone stays on the same page to drive your business forward.

Scorecards for Multi-clubs

As you scale your business, one of the most critical things is track how club performance compares from one to another. ClubReady provides a host of more than 40 key metrics enabling you to create customized scorecards unique to your business. With quick actionable insights you can keep the competition fair and stimulating across a wide range of KPIs.


Specific Reports

Every business is different and has unique challenges that can make or break their success. ClubReady enables you to create specific reports for the key differentiators and information you need to achieve success.


Focus on the Right Stuff

Get to the point and help your staff get the actionable information they need as quickly as possible. Customized Dashboards show staffers exactly what they need to know when they log in. Choose from many available widgets to create customized dashboards based on staff roles. Execution becomes easy with ClubReady when staff can see all relevant club data and have access to the tools needed to maximize their roles.


Need to go deeper? Check out iKizmet for the data analytics you need, anywhere you need them.



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