To your members, your staff is their connection to your club, and by extension, you. As your business grows, you can’t be everywhere. That’s why you need smart tools to empower you and your staff at every step to deliver an experience that’s on-brand for you, no matter how big you get.

ClubReady puts everything you need for efficient, streamlined staff management in a single platform that gets everyone pulling in the same direction.

Keys to Success – Staff Permissions

The “best” solution in the world is useless it’s not used. At the same, you need to minimize risk. ClubReady enables complete control and the ability to customize what staff can and cannot access, from a single studio to corporate level chains. That allows multi-club chains and franchises to kick-off club-level launches and new staff training at an appropriate level, then grant additional permissions as necessary. For larger businesses, administrators can create a turnkey club system to put all clubs in the same playbook and scale the brand.

A Proven Personal Touch for Past Due Communications

ClubReady has mastered the “firm + friendly” balance in outreach to get your member back to a healthy draft status. And all member interaction is 100% branded to your club – our agents are your agents.

Weekly Contact Attempts

  • Auto-dialer calls (1)
  • Agent calls (1)
  • Email (1)
  • SMS text (1)
  • Live inbound call handling
  • Updating of payment profiles

Build Your Business Like Clock-Work

Time is critical in any business, but especially so for fitness studios. The problem is nobody has time for physical time cards and signing in. You’ve got to be kidding. ClubReady allows employees to clock in via barcode, thumbprint, or PIN, based on rules and culture tailored to your club. You can set time clock reminders for employees and automatically report time/attendance to managers and owners to keep everyone on time and on task, just like a well-oiled machine.

Employee Disciplinary Management

Minimizing risks for your business and staff means setting guidelines, following up, and communicating in a transparent way. ClubReady can provide disciplinary management to a single club or across hundreds, with multiple levels of review. Its perfect for large organizations seeking to manage staff disciplinary records for both individuals and staff groups within a corporate chain to maintain compliance and minimize exposures. Or take the next step and let the experienced professionals in ClubReady Services handle your HR requirements and more.

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