It’s called the fitness business, because it’s a business, not a non-profit. But let’s face it, compared to the rush you get from interacting with members, much of the business is the have to do part, not the love to do part of running a studio.

Which is exactly why ClubReady exists … and we wouldn’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to payments. The ClubReady platform has the built in the ability to process payments and generally manage your member, client and customer accounts, with Club-Managed and Fully-Managed options.


As a fully-managed subscriber you can focus all of your efforts on your members, staff and growing your business while ClubReady manages all aspects of the payments lifecycle for you. From the facilitation of payments through ClubReady to the reconciliation of your account to managing the chargeback process, you’ll work (because we know you don’t rest) assured that you meet PCI compliance standards, payments are current with credit card updater, all while reducing back-office overhead.


So you want to grow and scale? That creates a new set of problems. Like reciprocity from franchise to franchise. ClubReady enables reciprocity for payments, bookings and money distribution, with the ability to create membership options on regional or even national usage levels, whatever your goals for growth are. And because it’s all around one secure platform, you’ll have peace of mind about your data and your members’ data security.

Royalty Engine

Did you ever wish you could cut out rebates and franchise fees in a monthly settlement statement? The ClubReady Royalty Engine provides franchise control with the ability to collect fees from franchises including royalty, technology, and advertising, all with streamlined reporting to keep you on top of everything. The result is more efficient use of associates time, as well as saving time and effort in managing back office operations.

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