Nothing is as exciting as signing up a new member, knowing that they trust and believe in you and your business. But in the rush of the day to day, it can be easy to lose sight of your new member efforts.

ClubReady brings everything into focus with all of your sales and lead management tools in one place. You can create and manage leads at both club or corporate chain/enterprise level. This gives clubs complete visibility in terms of conversions, specific sales campaigns, and overall trends, and provides your sales team with valuable data.

Creating Habits

Gettings leads in the door is the first step, but keeping in touch with them and enticing them to come back is an entirely different game. Using ClubReady's automated lead nurturing, you can send targeted content to the right customers, and make follow-ups part of your staff's daily workflows. You can even go paperless with ClubReady Cloud-based lead management application that keeps track of relevant guest information in an easy-to-analyze interface.

The Right Message on the Right Device

Texting is the communication channel of choice of nearly everyone, but especially your target audience. Now with ClubReady and Aurora Multimedia Messaging (MMS), you can use your existing business phone number to send and receive texts on your computer or mobile devices for special promotions and offers to close the deal. And because it is integrated with all of the other productivity-enhancing tools from ClubReady, you’ll have visibility and records of every interaction to make strategic decisions going forward.

Tell Your Perfect Story

Keep your message on script no matter who is telling your story with customized tablet sales presentations. This ensures that everyone on staff will give the same sales presentation, with time-driven, executable replication from staff to staff and club to club. You can use it internally at the club face to face with a client, or publish it online incorporating lead capture tools and allow future members to fill it out on their own. It can even serve as unattended guest register kiosk, streamlining check ins, waivers, basic Q&As and even agreement capture.

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