Overcome Fitness Staffing Challenges with Sales Professionals

The labor shortage is real. You can’t afford to stop when your staff is short, inconsistent, or unreliable. That’s why it makes economic sense to outsource services outside of your core business, including sales. ClubReady Managed Sales Services brings a proven track record of success to your business in these critical functions. With over 70 years of collective experience in the fitness and technology industries, the managed services team brings best practices to their work, tried and tested across the fitness industry's biggest brands. They enable you to reduce your payroll costs and have an expert Account Manager handle these critical tasks for your business.  Consider the following options to keep your fitness business growing efficiently. 

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• Account Manager will be responsible for Texting and Calling (as needed) day leads to explain the current studio promotion. (Presale or Sustained)

• Task Management in ClubReady (i.e. enrollment, booking, keynotes).

• Flexible with promotions and pivots based on studio needs.

• Account Manager will be responsible for bi-weekly meetings with location to give updates on studio performance with metrics obtained in ClubReady.

• Our staff will train your studio and sales team how to maximize results through using our MMS Texting System

• Review all functionality to ensure the studio is aware of how to operate

• Studio is in charge of utilizing the system for messaging, appointment reminders, and staffing permissions

• Will provide training on best practices using the system, messaging, and usage for best results!

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