Everyone faces challenges sticking to their fitness routine.

ClubReady helps you remove the friction in the experience so that members can focus on the fun and challenging activities they signed up for, keeping them engaged and moving them closer to their goal. That’s how you build your business strength.

Get them Moving – to Your Place

One thing is for sure, if members aren’t in your place, they are on their mobile device. The ClubReady Mobile First strategy connects members to your club wherever they are. Using a branded mobile app, they can manage scheduling of classes and services, spot bookings, renew their membership or buy additional services anytime, anywhere. Easy for you, even easier for them. You can even extend the fitness experience through challenges and mobile performance tracking that builds member engagement.

It's All About Performance

Seeing is believing. ClubReady PerformanceIQ (PIQ) delivers a visual guide to push members to their goals. The PIQ system pairs with an unlimited number of data devices, is compatible with all brands of ANT+ based heart rate straps, and can be branded for your club. Reservation systems and customized performance dashboards build member engagement as they plan their next visit and check their performance.




Fill the Building with Online Booking

Waiting in line or on hold to book a class or sign up? Nobody wants to do that. Online access and a branded mobile app remove the bottlenecks, enabling members to see schedules and make class and spot bookings, cancel, reschedule appointments or sign-up for the first time. They can view past purchases and session balances, check class schedules, and reserve a spot in an open class.

Open the Gates with Complete Visibility

How do your members want to check-in? Whatever your answer, ClubReady has it covered with barcode, fingerprint, or PIN code functionality run through a tablet. Because it’s integrated with the overall system, you can also implement advanced business functions, such as mobile app push notifications of upcoming events and promotions, and text and email alerts for past-due member check-ins. You can even open the doors 24/7 to meet staff and member needs thanks to the integration with Brivo Systems software.

Walk the Walk, Talk... er, Text the Talk

It’s undeniable, texting, led by Multimedia Messaging (MMS) is the preferred method of communication today. The research backs it up. It’s a powerful tool to build member engagement, encouraging members after workouts and reconnecting with at-risk members.



Performance Output

With a generation that now believes “if there’s no pic, it didn’t happen,” documenting achievements and any activity is paramount. And once it’s documented, of course, it’s shared on social. That’s true across generations. ClubReady offers a variety of Performance Outputs that can be pushed to a branded mobile app and then shared, not only building that member’s engagement with your club, but promoting your club throughout your member’s social following.



Performance Tracking

It’s a fact: measuring results leads to engagement, greater client retention and loyalty, higher membership rates and more meaningful instructor-client relationships. That means better results for your club. ClubReady enables you to offer performance displays in any group fitness environment, obtain accurate heart rate and calorie information, and automatically send emails after each workout with performance results and calories burned.



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