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From the first franchises in 2018 to 160 studios open (Q4 2022) and more than 550 territories sold today, YogaSix has grown to become the largest franchised yoga brand worldwide. That growth didn’t happen by accident.

It takes a continued concerted effort, dedication to processes, and the flexibility to adjust as necessary. “Our business is very simple,” says Michael Leonard, Vice President of Sales, YogaSix. “It is not easy, but our business is very simple. Get leads, have them come in and experience the studio, have them have a great experience, and sell them something.”



Recent user feedback has been vital in prioritizing Scheduling Reimagined releases.

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Gauge how your different instructors are performing by class attendance or prospect (lead) conversion.

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Evan joined ClubReady as our Senior Customer Success Specialist. He loves to help clients make their clubs a success!


When not working, he likes to be outdoors. Evan likes to go hiking, swimming, and camping. During these trips, he takes landscape videos using his drone and shares the videos on YouTube for others to enjoy!


End of Year Reports 

Review your end-of-year numbers with ClubReady reports! Learn from how many memberships were signed to leads converted for 2022.  

Refer to these suggested reports to understand how to generate and view your data.  

New Members 

First Visits    

Lead Conversions YOY

New Agreements 


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With just 50 late-paying and non-paying members, the average studio loses about $40,000 per year. ClubReady is now fully integrated with Swift Financial Services. Swift is the only fitness-focused collections agency. There are no upfront fees and no long-term contracts. All you have to do is opt-in, and ClubReady and Swift will take care of the rest.

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