What are the trends in 2023? Are you trendy? 

In this newsletter, you will have access to the fitness trends of 2023, learn from the education department about offering incentives, and see our newest newsletter sections celebrating YOU, It’s Time to Celebrate and Customer Spotlight.  

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Fitness Trends for 2023  

Members are coming back! That means 2023 will be a big year for fitness, the biggest changes in the industry will be driven by trends in improved technology, more focus on mental health, and increased access to information about how our bodies work. 

Here are seven things we think you should know about these trends to continue to grow your business! 

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Customer Spotlight

Hear from our first customer spotlight, Katie Lilly, the founder of Bunda!  

“We are the first to focus on repeating exercises and applying that overload principle of adding weight when you're ready. That's what Bunda is, repetitive workouts.” 
- Katie Lilly  

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Team Member Spotlight 

Darrin Frowery, Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

Darrin joined ClubReady in August of 2022 after running two 9Round franchises where he used ClubReady as his operating system. Prior to being in the fitness world, he ran hotels for 26 years in North America and Canada where his title ranged from General Manager to Director of Brand Standards.  

Outside of work, Darrin has always been very active. He has 43 years of MMA experience and he currently teaches kickboxing twice a week. In addition to those activities, he recently took up electric skateboarding (esK8ing). Darrin also loves to spend time with his beautiful wife, Monica, and their three kids.   


February Educational Updates   

Share the Love!   

Keep your customers engaged by offering incentives when they refer friends and family members! ClubReady not only allows you to continue to promote your business but also keep track of your successful campaigns.  

Refer to these articles to learn more.    

Create A Marketing Campaign & Generate Report For Return On Investment  

Reports - Member Attrition 

Navigate to Help > Knowledgebase Articles to locate additional resources. 

Product Updates 


New Scheduling Reimagined Features Save Time & Clicks 

The latest Scheduling Reimagined Release offers several sought-after features, including integrated ClubReady menu tabs. Check out all of the new features in our newest video!

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iKizmet has a new page that allows you track employee engagement with staff activities and sales conversion modules. You can view your entire studio performance or filter it by individual staff members.   

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Looking to add a solution to your current toolbox? Book a meeting with Allison on the ClubReady team. 

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ClubReady Status Updates 

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It’s Time to Celebrate!  

We are excited to add this new section to our newsletter to celebrate all the new accounts that were added in the last month.