The luck of the Irish is probably a saying you've heard repeatedly, around St. Patrick's Day, or to do with a sports team such as the Boston Celtics or the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

But we hope that the luck of the Irish is with you not only this spring but throughout the year. In this newsletter, you can hear from the education team about conversion rates, hear from Adam Gruen an Area Developer with Row House, and learn about our newest product updates.   

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Customer Spotlight

Hear from our customer spotlight, Adam Gruen, an Area Developer with Row House. We had the privilege to speak with him about his fitness passion and how he became an advocate for rowing.

“We really embody that togetherness and that team spirit in our fitness studio. Not just in our classes, but in terms of how we interact with our fellow team members and our membership community.”   

- Adam Gruen, Area Developer, Row House   


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Team Member Spotlight 

Jared Maxwell, Sr. Customer Experience Specialist

Resident of: St. Louis, MO 

Time at ClubReady: 1 year, 8 months
Family: Married for 9 years, 5-year-old twins
Fitness Hobbies: Bowling, golf, and coaching my son’s baseball team
Most Recent Accomplishment: Bowled my 10th perfect game 

Why I Enjoy Working at ClubReady: I enjoy being able to connect with our customers and deliver a top-notch onboarding experience. 

Favorite Quote/Words to Live By: Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”


March Educational Updates  

Track your conversion rate through ClubReady 

Take a look at how many prospects/leads have converted to an active member as we reach the end of Q1.   

Refer to these articles to learn more.    

Lead Conversion Reports  

Class Conversion Reports 

Waiver Conversion Reports 

Navigate to Help > Knowledgebase Articles to locate additional resources. 

Product Updates 


Enhanced Analytic Options on Payment Transaction Report  

Our Payment Transactions report can now be run at both brand level and store level by Date, Type, and the last four digits of a credit card. This change allows users to easily find payments that, before, may have required multiple searches.   
For more information and instructions on running the report, please visit this KnowledgeBase article  


The Class Utilization page helps you understand how your various instructors and classes are performing. The general logic for this page is to review, based on your set class capacities, how many of your customers sign into your various classes.  

iKizmet now gives you the breakdown of which type of visits are being completed. What percentage of your utilization are members? How many first timers are taking a class or the number of visits that are coming in on an Intro Offer? The number of visits that are coming from another club/studio in your network. All this information is only a click away when using the updated Class Utilziation module.   

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ClubReady Status Updates 

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It’s Time to Celebrate!  

We are excited to celebrate all the new accounts that were added in the last month.