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Leads and converting leads into members is the lifeblood of every fitness studio. It's especially critical when a business is starting out with ambitious goals to scale to have a lead management process that can grow with it.

An experienced industry veteran, Amanda Enos, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, knew that success here would drive their success overall. We caught up with her to learn about the lead management processes they implemented that has led to their impressive growth. 

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Check out what's new for iKizmet: 

To get a better idea of what revenue you can expect, iKizmet has added scheduled revenue to its dashboard. You can see both the remainder of this month and anything scheduled for next month.

Unlike the Invoices Coming Due report in ClubReady, the Schedule Revenue metric will include any scheduled invoice for this and next month. Not just the next one. Refer to the photos below to see what this dashboard l

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Dawn joined ClubReady in 2015, with over 10 years of accounting experience at the time. She joined the Finance team as the Billing Accounting Specialist when ClubReady was just a small start up about to take off! Today, 7 years later, she is now the Assistant Controller.


When not working, Dawn enjoys all things nature. Whether it is camping, hiking, swimming or just being outside.  Dawn has one child, Alayah who is now a junior psychology major at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Recently as an empty nester and working remotely, she has purchased a camper and has started traveling while working with her two fur babies, Drake and Roman! She also loves landscape photography and used to run a photography business.





Reach out to your 2023 leads!  


Start the conversation with the leads from this holiday season through Work It. Use our sales scripts feature to assist through your calls and keep track of notes from your interactions.   


Refer to these articles  to learn more:   

Navigate to Help > Knowledgebase Articles to locate additional resources.


With just 50 late-paying and non-paying members, the average studio loses about $40,000 per year. ClubReady is now fully integrated with Swift Financial Services. Swift is the only fitness-focused collections agency. There are no upfront fees and no long-term contracts. All you have to do is opt-in, and ClubReady and Swift will take care of the rest.

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