After working at some of the biggest names in health and fitness, Jaqueline Futrell made the move to a position as National Director of Studio Performance at growing BODYBAR Pilates.

Combining a mix of traditional pilates principles with additional high-intensity elements and modern movements, they offer a variety of instructor-led classes for members to arrive at their perfect workout cocktail. It’s also a lot of information to collect and make sense of to help franchisees grow and scale their business. That’s why she was grateful for iKizmet when she started at BODYBAR Pilates. Its ease of use and quick visibility into all kinds of analytics was a vast improvement compared to systems she had used in previous positions. Hear her thoughts in her own words about using iKizmet. 





What were your first thoughts about using iKizmet?

Futrell: I think the ease of use was the first thing. Having multiple studio location KPIs at your fingertips was just something that really takes a lot of the workload off my shoulders doing operations for multiple studios.

How has iKizmet impacted your day?

Futrell: It's made it a lot easier. Whether a conversation about a certain location comes up or I'm trying to dive deep with a certain location I'm able to have the full picture immediately rather than saying, ‘I think it's this, let me pull the spreadsheets and get back to you.’ I'm able to have that correct data right there.

How integral is iKizmet to your ability to assist franchisees?

Futrell: It's really helpful, especially in nailing down the sales process and being able to diagnose any problems a new location may have or any training needs. It really helps you get granular into what kind of support that studio might need specifically.

Besides not living in spreadsheets, what do you love most about iKizmet?

Futrell: I love that it's very customizable, that you're able to look at things on a macro level, just the numbers, but you're also able to dig into it. You're able to download the data and utilize it from there as well. So it's not only giving you what the overall KPI is, but you're able to take that and put something into action.

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