Leads and converting leads into members is the lifeblood of every fitness studio. It's especially critical when a business is starting out with ambitious goals to scale to have a lead management process that can grow with it.

An experienced industry veteran, Amanda Enos, Vice President of Sales and Operations at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, knew that success here would drive their success overall. We caught up with her to learn about the lead management processes they implemented that has led to their impressive growth. 



How has the lead management changed at Mayweather since introducing the solution to your franchisees? 



Enos: We've seen more impactful lead management. What we're seeing is the team is actually, when leads come in, they are executing tasks that are set up in there. A lot of what we did when we went through and did cleanup of lead automation was making sure they were categorized properly so that we didn't have people falling into the incorrect buckets. That all impacts the way that we communicate with those leads, depending on where they're coming from. We had a better plan for those leads because when they came in, they came in in the right place. 


Secondarily, what we really have given them is the ability to see that when they get a new lead, they should call them and send them a text. As an owner or somebody in the business that’s been around for a while, that’s a given, but when you're hiring frontline team members, when you're training and developing them, they need those reminders and triggers. They're very task-oriented, so we've really leveraged most optimizing how quickly we communicate and how often through the lead automation features.



How has ClubReady been able to provide you with the solution you need to combat Mayweather's biggest challenges? 



Enos: With lead automation one of the things that we identified on our scoreboards is that lead to appointment booking was one of the biggest gaps we had compared to where we see the rest of the industry perform. When we pulled back the curtain on that in the last couple of months, what we've seen is that we really didn't have that lead cadence established, and because it wasn't established, we didn't have those tasks set up for our team and we were really losing a lot of opportunities. For example, when you're in a system that has 5,000 leads in the database because you've been open a few years, it's very difficult to, on your own without prompting, determine where to start my calls. Our frontline team members, the folks we're hiring and developing, especially in a challenging market for the workforce right now, you can't guarantee that they're going to have the training or the instincts. 


Where we've really gotten the most from this is being able to look at a scoreboard and go, ‘this is our biggest opportunity. What does it look like? What have we supported?’ Then how do we go in and set everything up so that it is a no-brainer for the team? When it is a no-brainer, you can impact your lead to appointment booking, and get them to contact people with the frequency they need to. Unfortunately in sales, you have to make an impression on people at least 12 times before they decide to book, and I would dare to say, it's way more than that in fitness. Fitness is hard and people don't want to do it. I'll do anything, but go do the fitness thing. We need to make more impressions than that. It's a numbers game for the team and we map that out. The next piece of it is I can't only tell you that, I have to provide you with the cadence of what to do. That's really where we've seen the biggest benefit with ClubReady most recently with a lot of the things that we've gone in and cleaned up in the system.


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