Retiring from boxing with an undefeated record, Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s name is associated with winning. When it came time to launch Mayweather Boxing + Fitness in 2017, continuing those winning ways was an absolute requirement. That's why they started their partnership with ClubReady when they opened their first location.

Since then, ClubReady has been their “nucleus” for providing top-notch operational efficiency and helping to strategically grow the business. We caught up with Vice President of Sales and Operations, Amanda Enos, to learn how more about the partnership and how she uses ClubReady to build strategic sales and operation plans. 



From an executive perspective, how does ClubReady influence your operational efficiency? 

Enos: ClubReady is our temperature, our thermometer, our thermostat for operations in the business, whether that be lead management all the way into member support and being able to retain members. That for me is the nucleus of how we even measure what is, or isn't happening in a studio. 

For my team in particular we don't only operate within the system. We also use the end results that are coming out of the system to dictate the way that we support the franchisees because my team's primary role is to help build strategic sales and operation plans that grow the business. We rely one hundred percent on ClubReady to be the resource for us to be able to develop or begin having conversations that develop plans for our owners.



What was your primary goal regarding the ClubReady software when you joined the Mayweather team? 

Enos: I came on board with Mayweather in October. The decision to go with ClubReady was made in 2017 when they opened their first facility. I have been a huge part of us really reestablishing our relationship with ClubReady. I know from my experience that it can be very easy to blame operational efficiency or lack thereof on a CRM system. When I came on board I was told very quickly that no one was an expert on ClubReady. I was thinking ‘how do we function every day if nobody on the corporate team is the expert?’ My primary goal was to come on and really reestablish our relationship with ClubReady, because there are always times, especially as a startup where you're determining if this is the place for us, so myself and my team have been really focused on finding out how we were using the system? How should we be using the system and how do we get the most for our franchisees? 

We weren't leveraging all of it. I think some folks, when it came on board, were under the impression that we needed a different CRM. We worked really hard to identify that no, we just need to use it differently. 



What do you feel differentiates ClubReady from other CRM platforms?

Enos: What is always interesting to see is that most CRM platforms don't have a solution that's end-to-end client management. From being a prospect all the way through the life cycle of being a former member in our system, and being able to have resources that allow us to engage at every point in that life cycle, isn't something that really is an offering that most CRM platforms have out there. 

There are a few others that do, but from the standpoint of efficiency, what you get more out of them, or the user interface, I don't think that there is any out there that I would say we're missing when it comes to managing that client life cycle. We do have at our fingertips the resources or the connectivity based on some of the other companies too, that ClubReady owns that allows us to really be in a space where we get everything we need under one umbrella. 


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